What to do about electric hair?

Does your hair get electrified at the slightest annoyance? A comb-over, a turtleneck put on in a hurry, a hat taken off too quickly, and your hair is already flying off? Especially in fall and winter, we often have to deal with unattractive electric hair. However, it is possible to tame it. Follow the Schwarzkopf tips.

Causes of electric hair
When hair is electric, it’s time to talk about physics. Friction creates an electrostatic charge. This causes tiny, positively charged electrical particles, known as ions, to appear in the hair. The hair repels each other and quickly becomes untameable. Moreover, this little game works even better when the hair is dry and tired. Using a conditioner for dry, damaged hair like Nature Moments Argan & Macadamia Oil Repair Conditioner after the shower is a good S.O.S. formula to help prevent a disheveled look.

Detangle electric hair
If your hair is electric when it’s dry, a few tricks can help: apply a very small amount of got2b Stick-Tight Wax in the palms of your hands and work it through your hair from a distance of 0.5 to 1 cm. This way, you can tame the static in your hair without making it greasy.

You can also remove static from hair with the right brush. Natural bristle brushes hold hair better than plastic ones and are softer. If your hair tends to get electrocuted in general: spray some Gliss Liquid Silk Express Detangling Milk on the brush and run it through your hair.

To avoid electric hair: take the lead!
The drier and more stressed your hair is, the more likely it is to become electrified. So you need to moisturize your hair sufficiently, especially in winter when the dry air from the heating is particularly aggressive. To do this, choose Nature Moments Coconut Water & Lotus Flower Shampoo and Conditioner with moisturizing and conditioning formulas. Also, give your hair a rich, intense mask once or twice a week.

The best way to dry your hair is to use a hair dryer with ionic technology. It will prevent you from blowing your hair out in all directions. Another advantage of this type of technology is that it dries the hair faster than with ordinary technology. This means that the hair is much less damaged by the hot air. If you don’t have an ionic hair dryer, set yours to the cool position at the end of the stroke: this will also help to discipline your hair.

Avoiding electric hair: some tips for an anti-static effect

  • Never brush your hair right after moving from a cold exterior to a warm interior, as the risk of electric hair is particularly high.
  • If your hair gets out of control when you try on clothes: lightly apply hand or face cream to the flyaway hair.
  • Ionic hair dryers and anti-static brushes neutralize the positive ions that cause static electricity in hair.
  • Haircuts with a strong gradient are generally more likely to show static than uniform, long haircuts, the latter being heavier.

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