Taking care of your hair at night

Do you long for silky, shiny, healthy hair? That dream can easily be fulfilled, even when you’re sleeping under the comforter. From nighttime hairstyles to the perfect pillowcase, we reveal our best tips and tricks for pampering your hair with an extra dose of care while you sleep.
The most important asset in our beauty arsenal? A good night’s sleep! While we sleep (ideally between seven and nine hours), our bodies regenerate and our cells renew themselves. When you wake up, your complexion is fresh and rosy, with no dark circles or pillow marks, but sleep is also good for your hair! When the body is fit and well-rested, hair grows more easily and has a healthy shine.

And that’s not all! You can turn your nights into a beauty ritual for your hair and take especially intensive care of it. So go to bed now! Check out our special sleep tips and nighttime hair care products to help you wake up to dreamy hair:

Night hair care: the right hairstyle
Should you really tie your hair up before going to bed? Absolutely! There are several reasons for this hairstyling tip. If you keep your hair loose, rubbing it against the pillow can damage it, which can eventually lead to brittleness and split ends. Another advantage of overnight styles is that when you wake up, your hair is much easier to detangle and style.

Don’t like to feel the pressure of the braid while lying down? In that case, tie your hair in a high, loose bun. Instead of an elastic band, use a velvet or silk ribbon to avoid creases. If your hair is long enough, you can also braid it before making the bun. Our beauty tip: apply a little water or styling foam beforehand and you’ll have great waves in the morning. This hairstyling tip saves time for late risers who can sleep in a little more in the morning while still having a perfect hairstyle!

Nighttime hair care: the total package
Nighttime is the perfect time to let hair masks work longer. It’s true that these intensive hair care products nourish and repair hair within a minute of application, but a full night’s sleep allows their concentrated ingredients to work their magic! Their rich formulas typically include plant oils (such as argan or jojoba), essential proteins and even hair constituents that strengthen hair.

At night, massage the treatment into damp hair, then wrap it in a soft microfiber towel. Before going to bed, briefly warm the hair with a hair dryer: the heat further strengthens the action of the ingredients. When you wake up, shampoo off any mask residue and you’ll have the hair of your dreams.

Night hair care: the perfect night cap (for your pillow)
As you make your bed, so you make your bed, and that saying goes for your hair too. By choosing the right pillowcase, your sleep will be all the more gentle and beneficial to your hair. Preferably choose a silk pillowcase: compared to cotton, the softness of silk considerably reduces friction with the hair.

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