Shampoo : The real good routine to wash your hair

You think you know everything there is to know about how to get a great mane? But are you sure you’re washing your hair properly? This harmless daily ritual can sometimes be done incorrectly and cause damage to your hair. GAEL shares with you some tips for a healthy head of hair!

First things first, choosing your shampoo. It is essential that you choose a shampoo that is adapted to your scalp and not to your ends and lengths. But how do you choose? If you don’t have major hair problems, choose a shampoo for normal or frequent use hair. On the other hand, if you have a sensitive or irritated scalp, opt for a gentle, conditioning shampoo. As for your hair care product, choose it according to the condition of your ends and lengths (dry, dehydrated, oily, colored, brittle, etc.).

And don’t forget the obligatory pre-shampooing step: detangling! Water tends to weigh hair down, so remember to brush your hair before washing it to remove as many knots as possible. Brush with a boar bristle brush and a few drops of oil if necessary.

Start by wetting your freshly detangled hair. Then it’s time to apply shampoo and that’s where things get tricky. We often use way more shampoo than we need… The rule of thumb is two dabs of shampoo, the size of a £2 coin. Emulsify the shampoo with a little water and apply to your entire scalp, avoiding the lengths and ends. Another tip: massage your scalp with your fingertips (circular motions) and not with your fingernails. These are very aggressive for the scalp and stimulate the production of sebum, making it greasy much faster. To avoid product build-up on the bottom of your hair, always rinse your neck first.

After shampooing, it’s time for your hair treatment. Apply it only to your ends and lengths after wringing out your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes. If you apply it to wet hair, it will be less absorbed because the water acts as a barrier. Rinse thoroughly with cold water to close the scales, starting at the nape of the neck.

Gently dab your hair with a towel to remove excess water. Don’t rub it in, you’ll open the scales and end up with electric hair! Then comb through to detangle and let it air dry. A little short on time? Then be sure to apply a heat protectant serum before blow-drying. To avoid further hair damage, keep your hair dryer away from your scalp and don’t put it on too hot. An extra tip: dry your hair upside down for added volume!

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