Quick haircut for women in a hurry

In the morning, before going to work, or in the evening, for a date, women are always in a hurry. And yet, there is no question of having bad hair. In these cases, it’s best to skip the shampooing, the endless blow-drying and other complicated styling steps: here are our five favorite tips for quick and easy hairstyles.

Quick styling tip #1: keep your roots fresh
Your hair is still nice and clean, but the roots are starting to get greasy? Don’t panic. There’s an alternative to shampoo. For example, work the roots with a little styling foam containing alcohol, then blow dry your hair on a skeleton brush. For short hair, work the roots with your fingers while drying. The alcohol in the styling mousse dries your hair very slightly. This is ideal for oily roots. Alternatively, massage the scalp with both hands using a little baby powder. Then brush your hair vigorously to remove the excess. The blotting effect of the powder will leave your hair looking freshly washed.

Quick Style Tip #2: A little discipline
At night, hair often gets messy. When you wake up in the morning, a glance in the mirror confirms the presence of flyaways. These stubborn strands demand discipline! Spray a little styling spray on your hair. If your hair is long and dry, choose a leave-in conditioner in spray format. Then blow dry with a large round brush. To avoid getting your hair too wet and wasting time drying it, style it from roots to ends with a wet comb.

Quick styling tip #3: hot rollers
Your hair has lost all its volume overnight. Our anti-flat hair tip? Hot rollers. In no time at all, they breathe new life into hair. Wrap your hair around the pre-heated rollers and forget about them while you brush your teeth or drink your morning coffee. Take the rollers out ten minutes later, give your hair a quick brush and spray a little hairspray. You’re ready to go!

Quick Style Tip #4: A Real Makeover
It’s totally possible to revive a short hairstyle that’s already been shaped with wax. Just don’t add gel. You might end up with a hedgehog hairstyle. Run your fingers under water, then work on your hairstyle. That’s all it takes to get it back in shape.

Quick Style Tip #5: A Good Brush
If you’ve applied mousse or styling spray to your hair, you’ll want to brush it out vigorously first to remove any residue. Only then will your hair be able to handle a fresh dose of styling. The build-up of product in your hair can weigh it down and dull its shine.

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