How to wash your hair properly?

Everyone can wash their hair, but rarely in the right way. So how do you wash your hair well? We explain everything you need to pay attention to when shampooing to protect your hair and take care of it in an optimal way.
Washing your hair is an automatic habit, just like brushing your teeth or cutting your nails. Once a habit is established, there’s no question as to whether you’re doing it right or whether you can do it differently. To find out how to wash your hair properly and if you have mastered the art of shampooing, check out the instructions below.

How do I wash my hair? Step-by-Step Shampooing

Prep: Comb through your hair to remove any styling product residue.

Shampoo: Do you have fine, oily or dry hair? Dandruff? Always use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type.

Water – Part 1: Wet your hair with warm water.

Amount of product: The equivalent of a dab of shampoo is enough to wash short to medium-length hair. If your hair is longer, increase the amount by distributing the product throughout your hair.

Massage: Lather the shampoo with a little water in the palm of your hands, then apply the mixture to the scalp and hair in circular motions. Be cautious now not to scratch your scalp together with your nails.

Water – Part 2: Rinse thoroughly with clean water until the shampoo is completely removed. Your hair should “squeak” as you slide it through your tight fingers.

Water – Part 3: To finish, wash your hair with cold water. This little “boost” is great for stimulating blood flow.

Care: A conditioner wraps the hair in a protective film, making it supple, shiny and easy to detangle. A hair mask fills the gaps in porous hair. For damaged hair and/or dry ends, apply a mask once a week instead of conditioner.

Water – Part 4: Rinse out the conditioner or mask with lukewarm water until the hair squeaks under your fingers.

Spin: Wet hair is especially sensitive, so don’t rub it! Wrap it in a towel tied in a turban and just squeeze it gently. The towel will absorb the water without damaging it.

Detangling: Comb your hair carefully. Since it’s still wet – and therefore sensitive – gently untangle any knots without applying tension.

Frequency: Wash your hair every two to three days, if only to give it the care it needs.

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