Home care for tired hair: how to avoid cutting it

Flat hair, a total lack of shine, ends that are hard to see… our hair also has its bad days. Is cutting it the only option? Wait before you make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser! To rescue hair in distress, there are hair care products you can use at home. Find out what these miracle products can do for your hair.
After a salon haircut, it often feels like you have twice as much hair on your head. You don’t have to go to the salon for that-you can get the same result at home! To get started, use a detangling shampoo for fine hair. This type of product contains special ingredients, such as collagen, which strengthens the hair, or keratin, which has reconstructive properties. Silicone-free formulas provide volume without weighing hair down. Similarly, styling mousses or sprays give hair even more tone, strength and flexibility. Important: target application at the roots, never on the ends.

More volume
When it comes to blow-drying, some good habits can also boost your volume without using hair care. Let your hair air dry a bit before stretching it out on a round brush: blow-drying wet hair is exhausting. Leave that to your stylist. When hair is still slightly damp, lift the top strands with a clip. Then, blow dry each strand on the bottom using a round brush. Leave the brush in your dry hair for a minute while it cools, then carefully remove it. Do the same for the top strands. Another option is to use heated rollers. Wait until they’ve cooled to remove them, then brush your hair. This volume, this shine, your hairdresser couldn’t have done it better!

More Shine
After a visit to the hairdresser, your hair shines like crystal. You can easily get that beautiful shine at home with hair care products like special shampoos or leave-in masks. Some conditioners smooth and even out the hair scales. As a result, the hair reflects light better. It shines with an intense and irresistible brilliance. Important: Rinse out shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, ideally until your hair “squeaks” between your fingers. Hair product residue makes hair dull. Curly or frizzy hair is inherently less shiny. Its wavy structure doesn’t reflect light as well as straight hair. Is this your situation? Opt for lipid-rich conditioners – amaranth, argan or macadamia oil – that smooth the cuticle. With the right care, straight or wavy hair will have a salon-quality shine.

Special end repair kit
Split ends make any hairstyle look sloppy and messy. But there’s no need to cut everything off! For starters, play it safe when washing your hair. A good shampoo and conditioner will tame flyaways and bring order to your hair. To prevent split ends, detangle your hair with a good quality wide-tooth comb made of wood or horn. Finally, a serum can temporarily repair damaged ends by coating them in an ultra-fine film of silicone oil that protects and smoothes them. Your hair immediately looks healthier and less shaggy. Use sparingly: one or two drops of serum are more than enough for all ends.

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