5 Habits worse for your skin than you think

You can use the best skin care products in the world; if you don’t do the right things, your skin will always struggle to cope with wrinkles and blemishes. Smoking, stress or lack of sleep obviously have an effect on your skin, but it’s also important to pay attention to your everyday items. We explain.

These 5 habits have nothing to do with your skin care routine, but still have a huge impact on your skin.

Lab studies show that pillowcases contain almost as much bacteria as… the toilet seat. Add to that dirt, oil, dust and dead skin cells and it’s easy to see why your pillow is interfering with the skincare routine you’ve just completed. To save your skin from this very bad cocktail, change your habits! Avoid using too much fabric softener or strongly scented laundry products, as they can irritate your skin. And above all, if you can, switch your pillowcase for a silk one, it’s excellent for the skin!

Even if they don’t have the same impact as your pillowcase, you can apply the same principles to your bath towels. Towels are often wet and since bacteria multiply more quickly in a humid environment, you can imagine that the result is not very happy… Even less happy? If your towel rack is near your toilet, think of the consequences when you flush… Also remember to keep hair, body, hand and face towels separate.

Unwashed makeup brushes are a hotbed of bacteria, dirt and dust. But that’s not the only tool that comes in contact with your skin that you need to be careful with. Your sunglasses are full of oils, bacteria, sweat and dead cells that can damage your skin. Of course, the same goes for your smartphone 😉 To reduce the “side effects” of these daily essentials, you should always have anti-bacterial wipes in your pocket. Another tip: use your phone’s speaker or headphones as often as possible to reduce contact with your skin.

At night, your skin renews itself and gets rid of dead skin cells and sweat. Your morning routine is the perfect time to cleanse and prepare your skin for your skin care routine. If you apply your daily products to skin that’s still covered with products from the night before, you’ll reduce the effectiveness of your skincare routine and risk clogging your pores. Clean your skin in the morning and evening, even if you have dry skin. Then use a gentle cleanser, such as an oil-based one.

You’ve been told enough to wash your hands as a child. But it’s more than important! Before applying any cream, serum or foundation, it’s important that your hands are perfectly clean. You wouldn’t want bacteria from your keyboard, smartphone or shoes to get on your face…

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