10 Tips and treatments for shiny hair

Barely visible reflections? No, thanks! Everyone dreams of healthy, shiny hair! Check out our expert tips on how to bring out the best in your hair. After all, it’s always a sign of class, freshness and well-being. Here are 10 tips to help your hair shine!
Is it really possible to boost hair shine? Absolutely! To restore shine to dull hair, start by making some changes to your hair care routine. That’s because you need to know that shine depends on the condition of the cuticle: its scales need to be closed, intact and smooth to better reflect light. The following tips will help you achieve beautiful, shiny hair:

1. Cold water
When you rinse your hair after shampooing, give it a good blast of cold water: it helps to close and smooth the scales of the cuticle. Cold water also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn stimulates hair growth.
2. Non-chalky water
Tap water is often hard, which means that it contains lime residue that can settle on the hair fiber, eventually making it rough and dull. To remove the limescale from your hair, rinse it with distilled water (available in pharmacies) or mineral water purchased in supermarkets.
3. Conditioner
When you wash your hair, make sure you always use a conditioner. It not only cares for your hair, but also seals the cuticle scales that opened up during shampooing. Conditioners containing liquid silk or microcrystals are especially good for beautiful, shiny hair.
4. Masks for shine
A treatment for your hair: masks repair damaged hair, strengthen it in depth and give it a real “extra” in terms of care. For healthy, supple hair, apply a mask once a week. There are also express masks that work in just one minute for those of you in a hurry.
5. Care for color-treated hair
Is your hair colored? If so, use specific products with UV filters to prevent color fading and preserve color intensity. Plus, their rich formulas moisturize hair and add shimmering highlights.
6. Never without my brush!
Daily brushing helps distribute scalp oil to the lengths, where it forms a kind of shield and adds shine. It’s best to use a brush with natural hair (e.g. boar), which is gentler on the scalp and hair.
7. Hair gloss
These new hair care products give you ultimate shine while acting as a hair wellness cure. You can enhance your natural color with shiny pigments (possibly dyes), or refresh a color with maximum shine.
8. A few drops of oil
For a high-gloss finish, apply a dab of hair oil to dry lengths and ends. The new formulas are especially lightweight, so they sink in immediately, leaving hair feeling soft and supple – without leaving a greasy film behind.
9. Shine Spray
Spray a little hairspray on your brush before styling. The hairspray particles will distribute evenly through your hair while adding a gorgeous shine.
10. The art of blow-drying
Your blow-drying technique is key. Always direct the hot air blast from the roots to the ends: by following the direction of hair growth, the surface of the hair fiber remains smooth. As a finishing touch, set your hair dryer on the lowest temperature for a final cold round: shine guaranteed!

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